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fic search

Looking for a fic where Ville married a woman and she died after giving birth to his daughter. He and Bam came into contact again when the kid is older and they start a relationship. Bam finds out either his kidneys or liver is shot and needs a donor who ends up being Linde .. i think.

Could you guys help me?

Hi, so..
I want to find a fic called 'I dare you', I read it with my cousin once, a long time ago. I don't remeber the author but I know it's pretty old, maybe from 2010 idk. Please help me, thank you <3

Hey there!

Another passive member of the community! I'm currently searching for Firefly Eyes by hardrock69 but chapter 44 and over are restricted and the user hasn't posted in quite a few years - is there any way of getting the rest of the story?

Thank you!

New Mod (more or less)

I've been a mod here, shirking my modly duties for some time.

I'm in the middle of a few fics, so my time is taken up, but I do intend to go through the entries here and tag them correctly, answer the ones I can, and generally clean up a bit. Nothing major mind, seeing as Vam as a fandom is 90% dead.

I figured a hello was in order though.


karin_vam - ship wrecked

i am looking for the epic fic ship wrecked by karin_vam - i read it years ago, would love to re-read it, but as she has deleted her account, it would seem it is no longer available.
so... does anybody by any chance have it saved and could please please please send it to me?
i would be more than grateful.

(and yes, even if you come upon this ages after i posted it, i am still interested!)

Help ;-I

Hello!  *wink*

After months of staying away from VAM fictions I´m craving for some stories I´ve read ages ago, but unfortunately can´t find them again. Maybe you could be so kind and help me out:

1. I think the story is called "Beatiful". Villes face is misfigured after an acid-attac (or something like that). Very vague, I know, but maybe some of you know what I am talking about. ;-) A link to this story would be appreciated.

2. "Haunted" An really epic fiction I absolutely loved. Unfortunately every link I tried following there leads me to "access dienied". Help me out, please???

3. Deatfic-recs are highly appreciated.

4. That goes as well for any story

Thank you soooo much in advance!


Hi. I'm looking for a fanfic from years ago where Ville is hiking up a snowy mountain with a group of men and then something happens and Ville is the only one left alive. I think he is taken to the hospital where the doctor says he was exposed to some sort of radiation. Then, if I remember correctly, Ville ends up dying in the end. Thanks for any help!

Best Xmas fic

I have 2 weeks of holidays this Xmas and I would love to read some good
Xmas fics, so which one is the best Xmas fic ever?. Long ones, please.

Thanks a lot